Prescription Drug Reviews

Contain pharmaceutical expenses through drug utilization reviews performed by licensed pharmacists.

The high cost of prescription drugs is a major factor in the overall cost of compensable workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. The Centers for Disease Control indicates there is a significant increase in misuse and abuse of narcotics which accounts for 34% of workers’ compensation medication expenses and continues to rise. One way to contain these costs is through the use of pharmacist reviews of the medications prescribed to claimants.

You can benefit greatly from these reviews as they could help in managing medication use throughout the life of a claim. At the onset of a claim, our pharmacists can identify and determine which medications are related and appropriate for the type of injury and body party involved. In doing so, this measure may reduce the possibility of misuse of medications, length of time on the medications, decrease litigation potential and improve the safety of an injured worker.

The benefits of pharmacist reviews include:

  • Controlling the use of medications (narcotics, etc)
  • Identifying abuse and misuse of medications
  • Monitoring the length of time on the medications
  • Causal relationship of medications to the injury
  • Proper duration, use, quantity and effectiveness of medications
  • Identifying drug interactions and duplications
  • Identifying available generic medications
  • Achievement of cost control of medications

Our licensed pharmacists will review medical records provided from your claim file (including prior records if available) and deliver a detailed report that will assist with your daily decision making regarding your claim(s).

Getting the prescription medication portion of your claim under control will help reduce costs as well as avoid a potential addiction and possibly getting your injured worker back to work sooner. Please contact us, call out toll free number, (866)451-2050, complete our online referral form to make a referral.